Filosofia da Física Quântica: Não-Linearidade e Euritmia
Philosophy of Quantum Physics: Nonlinearity and Eurhythmy

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:

Filosofia das Ciências da Natureza | Philosophy of Nature Sciences


Nonlinear Quantum Physics is a Quantum Theory (with some similarities to Bohmian Mechanics) that is being developing on the last decade and whose main researchers are members of this Research Area. For that so, this Research Area team is mainly composed both by researchers with a strong background in Physics and large experience on Quantum Physics Foundations and by Philosophers of Physics or, at least, with solid knowledge of Quantum Physics. Besides Physicists and Philosophers, the Research Area team it is also composed by researchers with very different backgrounds, as mathematics, biology, economy, psychology or linguistics. Thus, the Research Area team assures both a strong expertise on Philosophy of Physics, as required in highly specialized topics as Quantum Physics, and a commitment with interdisciplinary work. This Research Area is not only committed to the study and clarification of the long standing debates about Quantum Mechanics interpretations and its roots in the "Classic Metaphysics of Physics", but is chiefly dedicated to the philosophical challenges and implications of Non-linear Quantum Physics. Namely: i) the concept of physics object implied by theory; ii) the formulation of a new Principle in Physics (the Principle of Eurhythmy), iii) and the positive clarification of the concept of Nonlinearity.