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Ciência, Ética e Política / Science Ethics and Politics

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:

Filosofia das Ciências Humanas, Ética e Política | Philosophy of Human Sciences, Ethics and Politics


Ciência e SociedadeThe Research Area Science, Ethics and Politics develops its work in three related directions. True to its name, it takes into account the major issues, tasks and challenges of the relation between science, ethics and politics; particular emphasis is given to human sciences and the homo ethicus/politicus. To that effect it considers not only the political and ethical consequences of science, but also politics and ethics at the very basis of science in its making (i.e., ethics and politics as constitutive of science). Questions and forms of subjectivity and identity are another focus of interest. For instance, what does it mean to be an ethical subject? How to be an ethical subject? What constitutes or identifies the (ethical and political) self? What happened to the idea/ideal of emancipation? Is resistance to power-knowledge devices worthwhile, desirable? Bio-politics and bioethics, understood in a philosophical point of view, are a third axis of research. New bio-political mechanisms that transform human history and life, political technologies or techniques that regulate/correct, form/control existence (individual or social), normative or normalizing society, require «vigilance», a critical account, a «difference».