Lógica e Metodologia / Logic and Methodology

Grupo de Investigação | Research Group:

Epistemologia e Metodologia | Epistemology and Methodology

Lógica e Metodologia

Members belonging to this research area are interested in theories of inference, reasoning and method. These include not only Logic proper (i.e., the theory of deductive inference), but also inductive logic (i.e., the theory of ampliative inference), decision and game theory (i.e., the theories of practical inference), psychological theories of human reasoning and broadly construed methodological issues.
Examples of the latter are the following: what is a scientific explanation?; what is causation?; under what circumstances is it appropriate to consider that a certain piece of evidence confirms a specific empirical theory?; what is the nature of probability?; is it possible to solve the problem of induction and, if yes, how?; Is mathematics reducible to logic? under what circumstances does it make sense to reduce a theory to another?; what are dispositions and propensities?; what exactly do concepts such as 'supervenience', 'emergence' or 'ontological dependence' refer to?

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