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Ciência e Sociedade / Science and Society

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Filosofia das Ciências Humanas, Ética e Política | Philosophy of Human Sciences, Ethics and Politics

Ciência e Sociedade
The main topic of the Research Area Science and Society is the homo socius, the problems, tasks and challenges of citizenship. This topic is addressed in two main directions. The project «Citizenship and Knowledge Society» examines how science, the knowledge society in which we live, can change/form citizenship, or be changed/formed by it, and questions if and what public policies guarantee the universalization of the right to citizenship. Another way of considering this topic is taking into account the connection between citizenship, individuation and singularity, mainly in the works of Gilbert Simondon and Bernard Stiegler, or the connection between a planetary citizenship and an European citizenship, mainly in the works of Adolf Bastian and C. G. Jung.

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